The future of Fiber optic networks with GPON technology: all the advantages

December 19, 2019

The advantages of GPON technology for the creation of more efficient Fiber To The Home networks capable of serving a multiplicity of users with a rapid and flexible distribution of the fiber at the lowest management and implementation cost.


The future of Fiber optic networks with GPON technology: all the advantages


The growing demand for new digital services - such as Video on demand, Online Gaming, HD TV and VoIP, real-time applications, Internet of Things and the development of digital ecosystems or policy areas (health, education, justice, etc.), immaterial infrastructures (which include enabling platforms and PA data), physical infrastructures and cyber security, require the availability of a very high bandwidth.


XDSL technologies could still satisfy this bandwidth demand (eg VDSL2) but have limitations, such as restrictions on the maximum distance between the network access point and the end user, which do not make them competitive with respect to the different technologies based on the FTTx optical fiber.


Italian operators, in implementation of the national and European strategy for ultra-broadband, are therefore renewing their access networks which otherwise risk becoming a bottleneck in terms of available bandwidth. Therefore, most telecommunications providers are currently withdrawing their legacy copper network, replacing it with fiber optic networks.


To take full advantage of all the advantages of optical fiber, including the higher connection speed, the Fiber To The Home (FTTH) solution appears to be the most suitable choice. In fact, it provides for the deployment of the optical fiber up to the end user, eliminating copper sections that would introduce a deterioration in performance.