Note on the use of optical terminals

July 2, 2019

Please give professional business to professional enterprises, Shenzhen OPTFOCUS technology Co., Ltd. to teach you the correct use of optical terminal note.
(1) Continuous and normal power supply shall be guaranteed during the operation of the optical terminal machine
The laser component and photoelectric conversion module of the optical terminal machine avoid the impact of instantaneous pulse current, so it is not appropriate to switch off frequently. The UPS power supply should be installed in the central front-end room of the optical terminal and the light amplifier setting point of the 1,550 nm optical transmitter to protect the laser assembly from damage caused by the large pulse current.
(2) The use of the optical terminal machine should maintain a ventilation, heat dissipation, moisture protection, clean and tidy working environment
The laser component of the optical transmitter is the heart of the equipment and has high requirements for working conditions. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the manufacturer has set up a cooling and heat discharge system in the equipment, but when the ambient temperature exceeds the allowed range, the equipment can not work properly., Therefore, in the hot season, when there are many heating equipment in the center room and the ventilation and cooling conditions are poor, it is best to install an air-conditioning system to ensure the normal operation of the optical terminal machine.
The operating diameter of the fiber fiber core is micron. Small dust entering the tail fiber activity interface will block the transmission of light signals, causing a significant decrease in optical power and a decrease in the system signal-to-noise ratio. The failure rate of this type of machine room is about 50 %. Clean hygiene is also important.
(3) To run monitoring and recording in the use of optical terminals
The optical terminal equipment is equipped with a microprocessor to monitor the various working parameters of the internal working state collection module of the system, and is visually displayed through the LED and VFD display systems. In order to remind the personnel on duty in a timely manner, the optical transmitter is equipped with an acoustic and optical alarm system. Maintenance personnel can ensure the normal operation of the system as long as the cause of the failure is determined according to the operating parameters and processed in a timely manner.